Course Narrative

Hole 1 - Par 5
Right from the start, players is challenged with a risk/reward decision on the opening hole. The hole can be reached in 2 by long hitters, however, out-of-bounds right and a Pre-Civil war Cemetery which is out of bounds lies left and await an errant tee shots.
Hole 2 - Par 4
A slight dog leg left hole with a rare generous landing area. Do not be careless with your approach shot, however, as a well-guarded green with deep bunkers awaits.
Hole 3 - Par 4
Fairway bunkers line the right side of the fairway which will steer players left. Depending on accuracy off the tee, players will have middle to long iron into a 2-tiered challenging green with hazard right and bunkers left.
Hole 4 - Par 5
Dog leg left par 5 where players’ have to make a decision on whether to go for the green in 2 shots. With driver, player must aim left and elevate tee shot over trees and hazard. A slight miss-hit or pull could be trouble. ..Safe play may be 3-wood?
Hole 5 - Par 4
The first of several short Par 4s at only 314 yds. Hole appears there for the taking. Difficult green with a deep, false front requires player to control the spin on a short iron approach shot.
Hole 6 - Par 3
Challenging Par 3 which requires accuracy with a long iron to a well-guarded green surrounded on 3 sides by bunkers. Best to leave approach below the hole as green slopes significantly front-to- back.
Hole 7 - Par 4
The longest Par 4 requires both distance and accuracy off the tee. A precision long iron into the most difficult green on the course is required to a green that is quartered and tiered. Avoid the run off on the right side of green, as chipping from here is very difficult.
Hole 8 - Par 4
Distance off the tee is not as critical as accuracy. Tee shot should favor left side as sloping fairway and right rough feed shots toward hazard along entire right side. A very small green with a severe front run-off awaits.
Hole 9 - Par 3
Uphill Par 3 off medium length is not the issue. A severely sloping, undulating green makes hitting the tee shot close difficult. Players must control the spin or face a difficult chip or even worse…a difficult bunker shot from 1 of 5 bunkers surrounding green.
Hole 10 - Par 4
A steep uphill approach shot to an elevated green requires decision off the tee. A dog leg left requires players to aim left or hit a draw if they choose to hit driver or risk driving through fairway. Beware of out-of-bounds on left.
Hole 11 - Par 3
A very picturesque and challenging par 3 that plays downhill to a large green. This might be the toughest long iron shot that a player will have in the round. Great spectator hole.
Hole 12 - Par 4
Decision time! Risk/reward abounds on this short Par 4 with trouble lurking all around. Even a mid-iron layup is not easy to a narrow cliff-like fairway. Go for the green and be rewarded, miss it and big numbers lurk.
Hole 13 - Par 4
Laying back off the tee is a smart move as a hazard lies left in the landing area. Challenging approach awaits to one of the smallest, most difficult greens on the course.
Hole 14 - Par 3
The last of the Par 3s is not easy. Mid to long iron requires distance control as a miss-hit will roll back off the false front and hitting long could be disastrous. Keeping the ball below the hole but on the green is easier said than done.
Hole 15 - Par 5
Take a breath and look around…you are almost home! A memorable par 5 that rewards a well-placed tee shot. Fairway bunkers await others. Should be a birdie hole!!!
Hole 16 - Par 4
3-wood is the most you will need on this short Par 4. Avoid hazard on left side of the fairway that cannot be seen from the tee. Player’s will leave a short iron into a small well-guarded green.
Hole 17 - Par 4
Laying back on the tee shot is wise here. Avoid bunker left and fairway fall-off right. Hazard guards the front and righ
Hole 18 - Par 5
“A River runs through it.” Home hole where tee shot accuracy is critical. River left, bunkers right. Don’t lay back too far, as crossing river will demand a long shot. Once across, approach shot is not easy, as green slopes dramatically back-to-front. You don’t want to be long here!
Greg Baker
Head Golf Professional
Rockaway River Country Club